Boone  30x30  oil | custom steel frame

"monument circle"  48x48 acrylic 

"I want to be Herd"  30x24 oil 

"SHEEPISH"   48x36   Acrylic 

"winter white"   48x48   acrylic on canvas 

"Bright n Sassy!"   60x48   acrylic on canvas 

"old trike in the barn"  20x16  oil | Barn wood Frame

"White Tulips"  20x16  Oil 

Original PAINTINGS - sold 

Contact Beth if you see something you would like similar in style


"out of New York"  20x16 oil 

"Boone"   14x11 oil on canvas Board

"yellow!"   60x48   acrylic on canvas 

"Lady in Blue"  20x16 Oil 

"Giant Hydrangea"  48x48 

"Sisters"  36x24 framed Oil 

"accidental floral"   36x36   acrylic on canvas 

​​Beth Clary Schwier  Fine Art  Original Paintings for sale

"Hydrangeas"   30x24   OIL 

Juried into the 117th Annual Richmond Art Museum Exhibition

"Blue Waters of Greece " 12x12 Oil

"winter white peonies"   36x36   acrylic on canvas 

"Indiana harvested"  16x20 Oil on Wrapped Canvas

"notre Dame Cathedral - Paris"  36x48 Oil 

"The Proposal"  30x30 Oil Commission

"Super Chicken"  40x30 Acrylic 

"Indiana Harvest"  16x12 Oil 

"abstract flora"  30x48   Acrylic | custom steel frame

"muted peonies"  48x48 acrylic 

"Victoria's first recital"  16x20 Oil on canvas board

"first recital"  8x10 Oil on

canvas board

"Silo in Black & White"   48x48   acrylic on canvas 

"poppy field"  48x24 acrylic 

"Ballet recital"  16x20 Oil on canvas board

"Bicycle built for two"   20x16 Oil |  Barn Wood Frame

"white Barn & silo"   36x36   acrylic on canvas 

"Cafe in Paris"  8x10  Oil 

"The eiffel tower at night"  30x40  Oil 


"Blue Boats of Morocco"   14x11  oil on canvas board

"yellow Barn"  48x48  acrylic

"That's RANUNCULUS!"   60x48   acrylic on canvas 

"A rough time of it"  30x24 oil 

"Jane"   24x24 Oil and acrylic 

"dancers"  48x60 acrylic 

"The Graben"  30x48   Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas