"roses, roses, roses"  AVAILABLE

  • 36x36 acrylic on canvas custom framed

  • juried into the 95h Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition & Sale (will be available for sale on Hoosier Salon Website through October 13)

"german wheel"  -available 

  • 36 x 36 acrylic on canvas framed 

  • 2019 Peru Circus Festival 60th Anniversary Series

"come sail away" - available

  • 48x72 Oil on Canvas 

"peonies in Browns & Golds"  AVAILABLE

  • 48x48 acrylic on canvas custom framed

  • ​Featured on Season 4 of HGTV Good Bones

All paintings are original

contact the artist for pricing and availability

"EVERYTHING's coming up roses!"  - available

  • 48x48 acrylic on canvas 

"Spirit' - sold

  • 48 x 48 oil & Acrylic

  • Featured on Season 2 of HGTV Good Bones

"rainy day" - available

  • 36x48 oil & Acrylic

  • ​featured on Season 3, HGTV Good Bones

"lilac roses" - available 

  • 36x36 Acrylic 

"peonies in a square glass vase"  - $1,500 - AVAILABLE

  • 36x36 acrylic on canvas

  • ​​Featured on Season 4 of HGTV Good Bones

- Karen E Laine, Star of HGTV Good Bones

"Pink & white Peonies" -  available 

  • 48x48 acrylic 

  • ​Featured on Season 4 of HGTV Good Bones


  • 20 CARDS  | 4  EACH DESIGN

cascading Roses"  60x96 acrylic on canvas  -  available

​​Beth Clary Schwier  Fine Art  Original Paintings for sale

"muted peonies"  48x48 acrylic on canvas - SOLD

"diva" - available

  • 48x36 oil on canvas

"Pastel Roses" - 48x48 - available

 - "its all about the base"   - available 

  • 36x36 ACRYLIC

"bountiful beauty" - 36x36 - sold

  All of these paintings are original one of a kind works of art, and available for sale.  

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"She's amazing!  In the best possible way, her art makes you stop, look and feel.  

The colors, the energy, the brushstrokes, her wide variety

of subject maTTer ... everything she paints.    It feels very familiar, It feels like I am at home."

"simmering rose" - AVAILABLE 

  • 12x12 acrylic ​

"peonies in sunlight"  - Available 

  • 48x48 acrylic/mixed media

  • Featured on Season 3 of HGTV Good Bones

  • ​3rd place Indiana Artists Members Show - 2018

Email: bethschwier@att.net

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Beth Clary Schwier fine art featured in the latest Merrimade Catalog and online 

"peonies" - 48x48  acrylic on canvas - sold

"Hydrangea leaves in fall" - 36x36 acrylic on canvas ​

  • ​Featured on Season 4 of HGTV Good Bones

"bright and bold" - sold

  • 48x48 Acrylic

  • ​​Featured on Season 4 of HGTV Good Bones

“EiffEl Tower”" 24 x 48 acrylic - AVAILABLE 



  • 20 CARDS  | 4  EACH DESIGN