"white sailboats of spain"  48x24 acrylic  - $1,800 ORIGINAl - Available​  custom framed


18X24 oil on canvas original painting -  $2,400 available custom framed.

"Fishing Boats”

20x16 oil on canvas original painting on canvas $1,500 framed each - available


24x24 acrylic on canvas original painting -  $1,200 available custom framed. 

"peonies in abstract" - 48x48  ACRYLIC ON CANVAS Custom framed - $3,500 Available 

'Red Peony bouquet”  36x36 acrylic on canvas  $1,800 custom framed- available

“Anemone in Reds & purples”

60X96 acrylic on canvas (diptych) original painting on canvas - AVAILABLE.

"moody blooms"  ORIGINAL - available

  • 36x48 acrylic on canvas - $2,500 custom framed - sale $1250

"Sailboats of St. pete" - 22x34 oil on canvas $1,500 Framed  - available

'sugar plum fairies”  36x36 acrylic on canvas - $1800 custom framed - ORIGINAL available 

"3 D FLOWERS" - ORIGINAL -  36X36 -  UNframed ​- $1500 custom framed - ON SALE $750

“bouquet in a turquoise vase”

24x24 oil on canvas original painting -  $1,200 available framed.

"BiG Pink Roses”  - ORIGINAL $3,200  - AVAILABLE - ​ON SALE $2500

  • 48x48 acrylic on canvas unframed


"Red Flowers and more" - ORIGINAL $3200  - available

48x48 acrylic​ ON CANVAS 

 " ABSTRACT FLORAL​ in Pinks & Greens”

  • 48x96 acrylic (diptych) original painting on canvas $7,000 custom framed  - available
  • painted "plein air" on the grounds of Newfields Art Museum at Penrod Art Fair


"sailboats at st. Petersburg"  $950 - available

  • 20x24 oil on canvas custom Framed

"pink scribble roses"

  • 36x36 Acrylic​​ - available $1,800 custom framed

"anemones in white & Gold”  - ORIGINAL $1,800  - AVAILABLE 

  • 36x36 acrylic on canvas custom framed

"FOOTLOOSE & FANCY FREE" - 72x108  ACRYLIC ON CANVAS framed - Available - $10,000

“double the fun”- ORIGINAL -  custom framed 

  • 24x36 (diptych each)  acrylic - custom framed  $3,000

"AnemOne in white” 

60x48 acrylic original painting on canvas $3,800 - framed available 

"the louvre” $1.250 - available

  • 12x16 oil custom framED

​​​​Beth Clary Schwier  Fine Art  Original Paintings for sale

See something you like? Email, call or text me and make arrangements to see in my gallery or purchase. 

I can also send you additional photos with framing options, or put the painting digitally on your wall if you send me a picture of the room.


call or text



  • 36x36 Acrylic​​ - SOLD

"tall & skinny"  

24x48 acrylic original painting on canvas - SOLD

“Sailboats study" 12x10 oil on board -  $750- available custom framed

  All of these paintings are original one of a kind works of art, and available for sale.  

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contact the artist for pricing, AVAILABILITY, shipping/delivery AND MORE PHOTOS

"i dream in color"  -  ORIGINAL - $3,500 aVailable - custom framed

48x48 acrylic on canvas

“Dancers jn the window"  48x48 acrylic on canvas $3500 custom framed  - on Hold

"sailboats of madrid" - 48x48 acrylic on canvas $5,000 Framed - available

'FloWers in the wiNdow” 24x24 acrylic on canvas - original painting  $1,200 framed. available

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"stir crazy" -  AVAILABLE - $3,500 unframed - availablE

  • 48x60 acrylic on canvas


  • 36x36 Acrylic​​ - SOLD

"CRAZY DAISIES" - 24X24 ACRYLIC on canvas $1,200 Framed - sold

I will hold art with a deposit, and you can make payments for up to six months. Contact me for more info!

"lovely day" - 48x60  ACRYLIC ON CANVAS framed - Available - $3800