"Bessy" 36x36 acrylic - s0ld

   Season  4

Prints available 


Don't be Koi 30x24 Oil - SOLD

Season 5

My Little Red Trike  24x20 Oil - sold

Fountain Square 48x36 Oil - SOLD

   Season 2, Episode 13

Blue & White Abstract

   48x60 Acrylic - available


   Season 2, Episode 12

out of the blue    48x60 acrylic - sold

illegal ewe turn 30x40 acrylic - sold

   Season 4


water lilies in Blue 48x60 acrylic - sold

   Season 3 & 4

HGTV Good Bones #GoodBones

Sunflowers 15x30 Oil - SOLD

   Season 2, Episode 12

Peonies and Roses 48x72 diptych acrylic - sold

   Season 3

"cascading roses"   Season 4 - available

96x60 - Acrylic on canvas - Diptych

I will hold art with a deposit, and you can make payments for up to six months. Contact me for more info!

​​​​Beth Clary Schwier  Fine Art  Original Paintings for sale

See something you like? Email, call or text me and make arrangements to see in my gallery or purchase. 

I can also send you additional photos with framing options, or put the painting digitally on your wall if you send me a picture of the room.


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"In the best possible way, her art makes you stop, look and feel. The colors, the energy, the brushstrokes, her wide variety of subject matter - everything she paints.  It feels very familiar. It feels like I'm at home."

Karen E. Laine, costar of HGTV Good Bones. 

Season 2

Season 3

Holy Spirit 48x48 acrylic - sold

   Season 2

Season 6

Peonies and Roses 24x24 acrylic - sold

   Season 3

A sampling of Beth's art throughout the show

"Karen's Succulent"   Season 4 - SOLD

​(painted from a photo taken by Karen E Laine)

the calm before the storm 48x72 acrylic diptych- sold

   Season 4

My She is Yar    14x11 Oil -sold

   Island of Simi   20x16 Oil - AVAILABLE

mina's dancers 24x30 acrylic- sold

​   Season 4

PRINTS AVAILABLE AT Beth Clary Art Print Store

the shack 20x24 acrylic - sold

   Season 4

Season 4

Each Piece  sold

mabel 18x242 acrylic- sold

   Season 4

"Dunk it"  - commissioned for homeowner Season 3

beth delivering art for the "Battle of the chicks"

Alexa's dancers 48x60 acrylic - sold

   Season 3

Prints available at Two Chicks District & Co. Store

​Two Chicks District Co Online Store

Karen, Beth & Mina from a filming at the end of Season 3