Don't be Koi 30x24 Oil - SOLD

My Little Red Trike  24x20 Oil - sold

Fountain Square 48x36 Oil - SOLD

   Season 2, Episode 13

Season two:  Episode Resource Guide

out of the blue    48x60 acrylic - sold

HGTV Good Bones #GoodBones

Sunflowers 15x30 Oil - SOLD

   Season 2, Episode 12

Each Piece available  - contact artist for purchase info

Blue & White Abstract

   48x60 Acrylic - available


   Season 2, Episode 12

A sampling of Beth's art throughout the show

   Season 3, Episode 2 (official premier)

public zone

People TV Watch ... "Meet the Feisty Mother-Daughter Duo!"

Guest Room

Season 3

Holy Spirit 48x48 acrylic - available

   Season 2

Master Bedroom

PEOPLE home & Travel - "Five things to know about Good Bones' mother-daughter duo"

My She is Yar    14x11 Oil -available

   Island of Simi   20x16 Oil - AVAILABLE

​​Beth Clary Schwier  Fine Art  Original Paintings for sale


Guest Room